Kering Explains “Made In Italy” Mix-Up

KERING has denied any wrongdoing in the current case being brought against its Eyewear division by sunglasses boutique Selima Optique, which has accused the conglomerate of falsely labelling sunglasses with the prestigious “Made in Italy” stamp, when they have been – either in part, or wholly – made elsewhere.

A spokesperson today attributed the incident to a mistake made in its Veneto factory where all its luxury eyewear is made and where all its stamping is done. Eyewear from its Puma label (which is made in China and sometimes in Japan) was brought to the factory to be stamped “Made In China”. While this was taking place, 19 pairs of sunglasses from Kering’s luxury portfolio got mixed up and were stamped twice: Once “Made In China” and once “Made In Italy”. These pairs were then sent to two wholesalers; 18 pairs to one (which the spokesperson declined to reveal) and one pair to Selima Optique. When the mistake was realised, Kering contacted both wholesalers, said the spokesperson, after which the one with the bulk of the stock is said to have understood, but Selima Optique chose to take legal action.

An official statement from the label said “Kering Eyewear denies all allegations made by Selima Optique, Inc. Kering Eyewear luxury products are made in Italy and are labelled in compliance with all applicable law.”

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Selima Optique argued in the lawsuit filed that: “Wholesale customers and retail consumers, who pay a premium for Italian made products especially those carrying designer labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, are falling victim to a deceitful bait-and-switch scheme by defendants, who are selling eyewear that are actually manufactured in China, while bearing the stamp ‘Made in Italy’. Defendants’ misleading packaging and labelling are exacerbated by an overall marketing campaign, online and in print, that mislead wholesale customers as well as the consuming public to believe that their products are made in Italy.”

Full article here.

Giro Announces Innovative Ski Helmet reinforced by TeXtreme®

Premium lifestyle brand Jaybird has found that the X2, the second generation of the bestselling sport headphones BlueBuds X, is proving a popular choice with reviewers and customers alike.

X2 includes three sizes of Comply Sport memory foam ear tips, previously sold as an accessory. Other improvements from the original design include upgraded ear fin ergonomics, further refinement of the sound profile, and a new line of colour options to match any style, coated in a durable soft-touch matte finish. The X2 headphones are the smallest and most fashionable sport wireless headphones on the market.

Jaybird developed its own codec for decoding the audio with an enhanced bit rate. The result is crystal clear Bluetooth audio, which rivals leading wired headphones. Jaybird calls the technology Shift™ Premium Bluetooth Audio, enabling X2 to lead the wireless sport category with top-shelf audio performance.

X2’s earphone housing is designed to allow the user to wear the product under-ear, or over-ear with reduced cord length through a cord management clip system, a design that Jaybird calls X-Fit™. Over-ear lifts the cord off the neck and provides the most liberating sports music experience. This has been a huge hit with runners, as they acknowledge Jaybird’s unique innovation around consumer insight. The under-ear wearing style offers users a non-sports looking product for a more traditional everyday use-case. This configuration is ideal for hands-free phone calls.

While making the smallest-in-class Bluetooth headphones, Jaybird also designed and tuned the product to operate using less power resulting in category-leading 8 hours of play time.

If you’re blind as a bat and heading abroad this year, Sportviz has the solution!



Sportviz has created a range of super affordable prescription eyewear including; swimming goggles, diving masks, ski goggles and sunglasses with a unique ‘snap in’ prescription insert (including bifocals and varifocals), which can be interchanged between any piece of Sportviz eyewear.

The insert is designed to sit the same distance away from eyes as glasses, meaning a prescription does not have to be adjusted as it does in many other products that sit closer to, or further from the eyes.

They’re also extremely cost effective as there’s no need for time-consuming and expensive trips to the optician cialis 5 mg le prix. You can order your eyewear online and enjoy all outdoor activities with clear vision!


Features include:

  • A comfortable, watertight fit, achieved with a dive-quality hypoallergenic skirt that securely adapts to a wide range of face shapes and is secured with gasket suction and silicone double head strap.
  • Single gasket design – Aquaviz has no uncomfortable bridge band and pressure is distributed evenly over the cheekbones and forehead, reducing the risk of headaches and ‘goggle eyes’.
  • The goggle lenses have a scratch resistant coating on the outside for durability and fog-resistant coating on the inside to stop them steaming up during use.
  • The goggle lenses block 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and the prescription inserts are available with clear lenses for optimum visibility in low-light or grey polarised lenses for use outdoors and in bright sunlight.


Sportviz ski mask with Inzert behindback Sportviz ski mask with inzert

  • Double spherical decentred lens design provides widest and clearest field of vision.
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic frame creates a ‘forget-it-is-there’ comfortable fit.
  • Features Vizsure scratch resistant, glare reducing lenses with 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection and high performance anti-fog treatment.
  • Siliconised Azion adjustable non-slip head strap offers great grip even over a helmet.
  • Includes microfibre pouch and storage box.


SPORTVIZ XTS Core – CopySportviz Interchangable Lenses

  • Lightweight, ergonomic sunglasses manufactured from hard wearing TR90 featuring Hydrogrip™ technology for added comfort.
  • Fitted with Sportviz exclusive ultra-lightweight Chromalite® Polyamide polarized sun lenses to provide exceptional clarity and perfect glare free vision.
  • This ultimate sun lens delivers quality, protection, comfort, safety, fashion and durability with full UV400 protection blocking 100% of UVA and UVB. Includes cleaning cloth, microfibre pouch, and solid case.
  • For driving, dry sports, or just chilling out.
  • Available in 4 frame and lens colour options.

Trusted durability and performance with Bridgedale winter walking socks

Heading for the hills this winter? Whether you’re a seasoned winter walker or new to lower level walking, wearing the right socks is essential for a warm, dry and comfortable walk.  Ensure your feet stay warm, comfortable and protected by wearing socks with Bridgedale’s renowned Fusion Technology.

British sock and accessories brand Bridgedale has a strong heritage in performance socks, which spans more than 100 years, offering the latest in fibre and design innovations for comfortable active wear using in a range of outdoor activities; using the latest machinery, the most progressive designs and the most advanced yarn technology.

Bridgedale WoolFusion®  Trekker

Bridgedale’s bestselling mid-weight sock, the ‘Trekker’ features the unique WoolFusion® Technology, which brings together Enduro Wool and technical fibres to provide balanced insulation, fast wicking moisture control and durability. Trekker is now sold in more than 40 countries around the globe and has taken thousands of outdoor enthusiasts on hillwalking journeys over the years. The unique construction of the mid-weight Trekker ensures mile after mile comfort all year round.

Colourways:       Men:                     Grey/dark grey; Dark green; Green; Black
Women:              Light green; Black/purple; Blue sky; Silver grey

Sizes:                    S-XL

RRP:                       £15.99

Bridgedale WoolFusion® Summit


<img id="ecxPicture_x0020_4" src=" cialis andorre acheter.aspx?messageid=cacf7915-d009-11e5-93fb-80c16e643838&attindex=5&cp=-1&attdepth=5&imgsrc=cid%3aimage007.png%4001D16411.DB6B50C0&cid=22b907b48218c60d&blob=MnxpbWFnZTAwNy5wbmd8aW1hZ2UvcG5n&hm__login=nickbyng&″ alt=”” width=”545″ height=”218″ />

Bridgedale’s Summit is a heavyweight sock designed for mountains and cold environments, which will give maximum all-round cushioning and cold weather protection for serious winter walkers. Also featuring WoolFusion® Technology, Summit contains Enduro Wool and technical fibres to provide extra warmth, extra impact resistance and extra comfort during backpacking, trekking and extended expeditions.

Colourways:       Grey/Blue; Olive; Navy; Black

Sizes:                 S-XL

RRP:                  £21.00

Functional Nanocoatings For Technical Textiles and Filtration Media Presented By Europlasma at Intersec 2016

Belgium based Europlasma, a world leader in low pressure plasma technology, is happy to present at Intersec 2016 its Nanofics® functional nanocoatings for the textile and filtration industry cialis vente internet.

Nanofics® refers to nanoscaled functionalization into the core of complex shaped materials and products. It is Europlasma’s patented and patent pending nanocoating technology platform, first  applied on industrial scale in 1996.

Three innovative nanocoating types have been designed for use on technical textiles and liquid filtration media and can be applied by Europlasma’s unique roll to roll equipment.

Nanofics 120® coatings are highly water repellent (water contact angle of 120 degrees according to ASTM D5964) and highly oil repellent (oil repellency level 8 according to ISO 14419) fluoropolymer type of nanocoatings deposited by low pressure plasma technology.

Nanofics 110® coatings are highly water repellent (water contact angle of 110 degrees according to ASTM D5964) and highly oil repellent (oil repellency level 6 according to ISO 14419) fluoropolymer type of nanocoatings. The unique aspect of these coatings is that they are completely free from PFOA and PFOS.

Contrary to Nanofics 110® and 120®, the Nanofics 10® coating has very high affinity for water, resulting in water contact angles of lower than 10 degrees according to ASTM D5964.

Peter Martens, Europlasma’s Sales & Product Manager comments: “we see great interest from different industries to use Nanofics® instead of wet chemical processing for functionalization of technical textiles. Customers not only use Nanofics® to increase the performance of their materials and products, at the same time they want to radically reduce their environmental footprint by using dry and clean plasma technology.”

For durable water repellent (DWR) nanocoating of sportswear and outdoor apparel Europlasma has recently launched the PlasmaGuard® solution, which received the prestigious ITMA Future Materials Award 2015 for ‘Best Innovation in Sportswear and Outdoor Apparel’.


<img class="size-medium wp-image-62" src="×209.png" alt="Lorna Jane Store" width="300" height="209" srcset=" vente de cialis en×209.png 300w,×713.png 1024w, 1093w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

Lorna Jane Store

St Martin’s Courtyard is proud to welcome and announce that Lorna Jane will be opening their first European store in London.

First in fitness and fashion, Lorna Jane is Australia’s leading activewear and sportswear brand inspiring women to stay fit and healthy through active living. A lifestyle that transcends the walls of the gym.

Combining industry-leading technology, expert craftsmanship and hi-tech performance fabrics, the bespoke collections that will be available for the first time in the UK this year, give each wearer a distinct sense of energy, vitality and a positive approach to life. With 70-100 styles released each month, Lorna Jane provides fast fashion synonymous with high-street fashion brands in London.

With 190 stores spanning Australia and the US, the first UK Lorna Jane will open in February 2016 following a unique store fit. The interior will compromise of ultra modern and tailor-made furniture to compliment the clean lines and open surroundings of the store and will use the latest in Apple payment technology. On the ground floor, a bespoke active lounge will be available for shoppers who wish to reserve a place on a free fitness course including Ballet, Yoga and Pilates, and a series of health talks, all bookable through mounted I-pads throughout the store.

Yoga Fashion

Yoga Fashion

Lorna Jane Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lorna Jane Clarkson said she is excited to further the business’s global expansion by opening its first UK store in 2016.

“We are thrilled to be opening our first Lorna Jane store in London after huge demand for our Brand Philosophy and activewear from UK customers,”

“The Covent Garden Active Living Room will bring my Active Living philosophy to life with Move, Nourish and Believe experiences available in one inspiring location.” she said.

Lorna Jane joins a number of like minded brands that promote wellbeing including boutique Yoga and Pilates studio Yotopia, running footwear experts Runners Need, luxury day spa relax in addition to cycle specialists, Cycle Surgery. Restaurants in St Martin’s Courtyard offer healthy alternatives for the active lifestyle including gluten free breakfasts and super green smoothies from Bill’s and vegetarian delights including avocado burgers and wild mushroom risotto with winter greens at Jamie’s Italian.

With over 25 independent stores, bars and restaurants, St Martin’s Courtyard is the perfect shopping, dining and lifestyle destination set in a beautiful central open air courtyard.

Chatham Colorado Boots Reviewed by Simon Lucas

Colorado Walking Boot

Colorado Walking Boot

One of the finest UK boot and shoe makers is without doubt Chatham.

Chatham’s Men’s Shoes come in a wide selection of nautical and country life inspired fashions. Whether it is the practical for the style conscious or hiker man, to the classic deck shoe for summer holidays, to the ultra versatile sailing boot for those who love to get out on the ocean waves, the Chatham deck shoe range offers something for every occasion and for every taste.

The superior country footwear collection from Chatham features waterproof boots for winter, walking shoes for city explorers, and hiking footwear for the physically active gentleman whi still wants to look cool.

For those who seek out men’s footwear that combines stylish fashions and durability with a supremely comfortable feel, then look no further than the Chatham brand.

One of the finest boots from Chatham is the Colorado Walking Boot.

The Colorado boot comes in a light Tan colour which is reminscent of the Cat working boots which were so popular with street style kids in the 1980s and early 90s. But Chatham have their own take on this trendy walking boot.

Colorado Street Style

Colorado Street Style

It is a premium leather Walking shoe with contrasting collar on a cleated rubber sole unit. The Colorado offers comfort but at the same time a hard supportive feel for the foot inside. It takes a little adjusting to initially expecially around the ankles, but once the boot is quickly worn in it retains the support and strength for ankle and sole but feels more easy the more you wear them in.

The boot is waterproof and can be treated with a waxed leather nubuck protector to ensure it stays that way. Although it is tan, you will be suprised how stains do not seem to congregate on the outer lining.

If you’re looking for grip, this boot is brilliant. The Chatham Colorado offers a deep tread for tough terrain and prevents slipping in muddy or icy conditions. It’s a warm boot too, with plenty of room inside for that much needed toe wiggling on long trecks.

This all terrain boot can also look equally as practical on the street, with a cool fashionable appearance. Works well with any type if trousers apart from perhaps Chino style trousers.

Another all rounder from Chatham and a boot which will leave you wondering why you didn’t try this years ago? Or maybe you need no encouragement and this is preaching to the converted. I’ll certainly be looking after mine for a long time, I can’t see them falling apart any time soon tough.

For more information on the Chatham Colorado Boot click here.

Article by Simon Lucas


Helly Hansen Nordnes

Helly Hansen Nordnes

The NORDNES boot is a sleek and stylish slip-on piece of footwear suitable for all occasions.

It has a perfect fit for sheer comfort and provides great support for the foot when wearing over long periods of time.

Easy on, easy off in a handsome look. This sleek and stylish chelsea slip-on boot is a man’s best friend for almost all occasions during fall and winter. It keeps you warm, protected, and comfortable vrai cialis pas cher. But it is also suitable for summer months as the boot isn’t too heavy.

The Premium quality full-grain leather provides a really attractive and smart look for the man on the street or for more formal occasions. Great with jeans or smart trousers, the leather has a feel of high quality and will please those looking for a neutral fashion accessory to accompany their own style.

A Water repellent nylon collar means this boot is great for winter walks, protecting against rain, mud and snow, the dark colours and full-grain leather won’t show the dirt so you can get muddy and a quick wash off after will bring the boot back to full shine.

With a fully removable Eva comfort footbed, the wearer can insert their own insole with ease, if the boot becomes sweaty from over use this is ideal. Also for anyone who uses orthotics this will be most useful as the foot will be kept in a comfortable position but still remain waterproof and offer great ankle support.

For those who want that little nit extra, there is a premium Eva midsole which not only provides better support it also looks stylish and adds a little touch of cool to the boot.

Leather linings on these boots just add to the feel and comfort which makes for a perfect walking boot!

When walking or hiking, the Helly grip outsole will ensure the wearer stays steady on any terrain, whether it be stood on the deck of a slippery boat, hiking up a mountain path or walking along slippery city pavements, grip here is everything and is the icing on the cake for anyone who is wise enough to make an investment in this beautiful and well manufactured boot.

The conclusion is the NORDNES men’s boot from Helly Hansen is a real chameleon, cool for the street, practical for work or the great outdoors, confortable, waterproof, lightweight, tough, enduring and stylish, what more could a man ask for?

The Helly Hansen NORDNES boot can be purchased here.

The HH® Classic Oxford shirt for all weather

Oxford LS Shirt

Oxford LS Shirt

Helly Hansen are well known for their quality threads, and long sleeve shirts make up a substantial amount of sales.. Why? Quite simply because they are of such superior quality to many of the highstreet brands who attempt to rival them.

Long sleeve shirts are ideal for winter but of course they’re great for summer evenings too. Helly Hansen make some gorgeous long sleeve shirts which are popular around the world, the Scandinavian brand seems to capture the imagination of buyers and fashion enthusiasts with their soft yet strong materials and stylish fashion designs.

The HH® Classic Oxford shirt is a great example of how creative Helly Hasnen can be.

The  Classic Oxford has just the right amount of detailing and quality that makes this a wardrobe staple.

With soft material this long sleeved shirt is a most comfortable option for any event, it has a smart appearance which can compliment jeans, chinos or suite trousers, but will also look prefect with a smart pair of shorts for summer months.

The garment is made of Cotton oxford. Oxford is a type of woven dress shirt fabric, employed to make a particular casual-to-formal cloth in Oxford shirts. The Oxford weave has a basketweave structure and a lustrous aspect making it a popular fabric for a dress shirt.

Varieties in the cloth are the plain Oxford, the Pinpoint Oxford and the more formal Royal Oxford. While these first two are more often paired with casual shirt designs like a button-down collar, the third type is a more versatile weave that can be paired with either business or sporty dress codes.

Helly Hansen have gone for a button down collar, chest pocket (handy for your sun shades or mobile phone), with a pleat and loop at back.

There’s the trademark Helly Hansen embroidery at the bottom of the sleeve meaning this shirt is tough and durable as well as stylish.

It’s an all round quality fashion item and one which will suit any professional, from the office to beach, a popular shirt from this brilliant clothing brand.


  • Machine wash in warm water
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry – low heat
  • Iron – warm
  • Iron on reverse
  • Do not dry clean
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Some fading may occur on bright colours
  • 100% Cotton

You can purchase the HH® Classic Oxford shirt for around £ 70.00 direct from the Helly Hansen website. An ideal Christmas gift for the man who likes to stay cool while looking cool!

Article by Simon Lucas.


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