Helly Hansen Nordnes

Helly Hansen Nordnes

The NORDNES boot is a sleek and stylish slip-on piece of footwear suitable for all occasions.

It has a perfect fit for sheer comfort and provides great support for the foot when wearing over long periods of time.

Easy on, easy off in a handsome look. This sleek and stylish chelsea slip-on boot is a man’s best friend for almost all occasions during fall and winter. It keeps you warm, protected, and comfortable vrai cialis pas cher. But it is also suitable for summer months as the boot isn’t too heavy.

The Premium quality full-grain leather provides a really attractive and smart look for the man on the street or for more formal occasions. Great with jeans or smart trousers, the leather has a feel of high quality and will please those looking for a neutral fashion accessory to accompany their own style.

A Water repellent nylon collar means this boot is great for winter walks, protecting against rain, mud and snow, the dark colours and full-grain leather won’t show the dirt so you can get muddy and a quick wash off after will bring the boot back to full shine.

With a fully removable Eva comfort footbed, the wearer can insert their own insole with ease, if the boot becomes sweaty from over use this is ideal. Also for anyone who uses orthotics this will be most useful as the foot will be kept in a comfortable position but still remain waterproof and offer great ankle support.

For those who want that little nit extra, there is a premium Eva midsole which not only provides better support it also looks stylish and adds a little touch of cool to the boot.

Leather linings on these boots just add to the feel and comfort which makes for a perfect walking boot!

When walking or hiking, the Helly grip outsole will ensure the wearer stays steady on any terrain, whether it be stood on the deck of a slippery boat, hiking up a mountain path or walking along slippery city pavements, grip here is everything and is the icing on the cake for anyone who is wise enough to make an investment in this beautiful and well manufactured boot.

The conclusion is the NORDNES men’s boot from Helly Hansen is a real chameleon, cool for the street, practical for work or the great outdoors, confortable, waterproof, lightweight, tough, enduring and stylish, what more could a man ask for?

The Helly Hansen NORDNES boot can be purchased here.

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