Hoodies by Helly Hansen

<img class="alignright wp-image-155 size-medium" src="http://web achat cialis paypal.archive.org/web/20150217011020im_/http://www.blogaboutukfashion.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Helly-Hansen-Norway-Hoodie-300×300.png” alt=”Helly Hansen Norway Hoodie” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Beautiful and high quality cotton hoodie with seasonal Helly Hansen graphics.

Winter approaches and the classic hoodie top is on sale in highstreet and internet stores, but some are better than others.

Helly Hansen knows how to design clothes which will keep you warm during winter, the Scandinavian brand have been keeping their customers warm and cosy during winter months for a very long time and the winters in Scandinavia certainly offer up some chilly winds.

In this article we look at Helly Hansen’s cotton hoodie.

This cotton hoodie for men includes a large front pocket. A beautiful, high-quality jumper with seasonal Helly Hansen graphics. Comfortable fit for those easy days.

The material is thick and warm but equally it’s lightweight which makes it ideal for a sports top after winter events such as football or running. The large hoody provides additional head warmth and the ties allow you to really keep the wind from biting.


  • Comfortable cotton
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • Drawstring adjustment
  • Cuff and hem rib
  • Seasonal Helly Hansen graphics
  • Contrast neck band
  • Regular fit

The high quality cotton material is comfoartable and warm, but it won’t get you too sweaty on the inside. You can also wear the garment with pride as Helly Hansen’s branded logo is in large letters on the front.

In all, an ideal winter hoodie. Click here to find out more.

Making it personal – MIX & MATCH

Companies of all sizes are realising the power of workwear to create the right impression externally. By incorporating corporate colours and logos, staff can become brand ambassadors while companies can distinguish themselves from the competition. For example, energy companies use this option to set themselves apart as a supplier in a highly competitive market.*

There isn’t just a trend amongst wearers of workwear to take more care in their appearance – also at the enterprise level, companies are preferring a more uniform and professional look, as well as the ability to create additional brand awareness.

Companies can create a more bespoke look that reflects their corporate identity at an affordable price and in response to this demand MASCOT® WORKEAR in 2013 introduced MASCOT® UNIQUE. A comprehensive workwear range suited to both craftsmen and industry. The new two-tone workwear has grown to now be available in eight colour combinations, and 23 product variants, in different fabric qualities providing multiple opportunities for variation.

To create your personal look MASCOT has produced a MIX & MATCH brochure to help aid your decision process.The NEW MIX & MATCH Brochure shows numerous configurations in your favorite and/or corporate colours.

Find your perfect match: Look up your corporate colour and see all the possibilities to combine workwear from head to toe – mix products from across the MASCOT ranges.

Scan the QR code at the top of the page in the brochure, or enter the URL, and see the full range of workwear in your chosen colour at www.mascot.dk.

Check out the NEW brochure today: http://papers.mascot.dk/Mascot/UK/MixMatch/

Ranger Country Union Jack Chelsea Boot

Ranger Country Chelsea BootChelsea Boots are still going strong after over 100 years.  Also known as dealer boots, riding boots, jodhpur boots or paddock boots, Chelsea boots are tight-fitting, ankle-high boots that originated in the Victorian era.

These easy to wear boots were first used for horse riding. The most notable feature of the Chelsea boot is its elastic siding which runs from just above the welt to the top of the shoe. The design began as a type of riding boot known as paddock boots or jodhpur boots. Chelsea boots became a main fashion item of the 1960s mod scene, and they have recently returned to the worl’s fashion boutiques and shoe shops, both men as well as women. Australian work boots, which are popular in Australia, are a similar style of Chelsea boot and equally as fashionable down under.

One of the more stylish brands of Chelsea Boot these days is manufactured and sold by Chatham. For the past 20 years, Chatham has traded on the weekend sailor and has grown into one of Britain’s key marine clothing and footwear brands.

Quality, durability, marine aesthetics and performance all form an integral part of the Chatham product. Chatham are committed to creating a range of classic sailing kit. Chatham’s very British style, combines traditional craftsmanship with innovation, durable materials and attention to detail.

All the clothing and footwear is designed to be comfortable, functional and able to withstand all that nature can throw at them.

One of Chatham’s latest and most desirable items of men’s footwear is the Ranger Country Union Jack Chelsea Boot.

The Ranger is a vibrant navy suede high quality wing tip Chelsea boot made on a stacked leather heel with rubber top piece. It comes complete with a union jack themed elastic with pull tab to the back heel. Stitched through construction, padding underfoot. Totally comfortable, totally stylish.

The shoe is easy to slide on with the tab at the heel allowing quick access or removal. Comfort of these shoes is a main feature. There is ample room for even the longest or widest of feet and the soft suade allows for an extremely comfortable roomy fit.

The highish heel is also a nice little feature with a strong combination of rubber and leather for the sole. The red stitching and blue suade matches the union jack colours and will appeal to the English country gent to the stylish mod on the city streets.

For more information on this product and to order please visit the official Chatham website here: www.chatham cialis vente suisse.co.uk/men/ranger

Article by Simon Lucas

Jotun Lite Short Sleeve Shirt for the Summer

JOTUN LITE SS SHIRTSummer time is here, and whether you are holidaying home or away you’re going to want to make sure you have a good selection of cool, light clothes for day and night.

For men who like to dress smart, it’s not easy to find a short sleeved summer shirt that isn’t a suit shirt or a buttonless polo neck shirt, but Helly Hansen have a great alternative in this Joutn Lite Shirt.

The Helly Hansen Jotun Lite is aclassic, short-sleeve, outdoor technical shirt for men. It’s a trustworthy quick-dry shirt with one handy pocket for easy access to essentials. Subtly designed with the Helly Hansen logo on the sleeve.

Cool and LightThe fabric is brilliantly cool for those hot days, it allows your skin to breathe and remain cool and dry without looking too light, you can easily wear the Jotun Light with smart chinos, trousers, jeans or shorts. It has the ability to match trainers, flip flops or smart shoes and this makes it extremely versatile.

A small pocket on the front is useful also for glasses, shades or a mobile phone, and when it’s really hot having this extra easily accessible pocket is just the ticket rather than having to clutter up your trouser or short pockets.

The material will wick away any sweat if you do happen to perspire under the mid day sun. It is also fitted with hidden snap buttons which are great when you need to strip down in a rush for the pool.

Fabric is quick dry which means if you do sweat a little, you can rest assured any sweat pactches won’t take long to dry out keeping you looking fresh and dry.


  • Quick dry stretch fabric
  • Hidden snap buttons
  • One chest pocket
  • HH logo on sleeve
  • UPF 40+
  • Wicking finish
  • Regular fit

Above all, the Jotun Lite is stylish and is ideal travel wear item. The shirt comes in blue, white or army green and come in sizes: XS, S, M, L XL, XXL and XXXL so it’s available for any size of man.

For more information on this shirt and other Helly Hansen products visit the product on the Official Helly Hansen website here.

Article by Simon Lucas

Relax this summer with Helly Hansen Chinos

chinosIf you’re out and about this summer, then you will be thinking about your holiday clothes, what to wear and what to buy.

For the men, depending on where you are holidaying, the need for a pair of lightweight but comfortable trousers is essential. Even the hottest countries abroad can have cooler evenings and nights. This makes Helly Hanson’s classic cut cotton chinos a great purchase.

Chinos have advantages over jeans and other heavier trousers as they are not only lightweight but they are designed to be cool and comfy in hotter climates.

Chinos are also always in fashion, this is down to the fact that they can be worn casually with a t-shirt or light jacket but they also lend themselves to smarter formal wear with a shirt and tie.

Some features of the Helly Hansen classic cut chino trousers include:

  • 100% cotton
  • Jeans pockets
  • Back pockets with buttons
  • 5 Belt loops
  • Zip fly
  • Front button
  • Regular fit

Chinos were originally designed to be used in the military and then taken up by civilians, chino fabric was initially made to be simple, hard-wearing and comfortable for soldiers to wear; the use of natural earth-tone colors also began the move towards camouflage, instead of the brightly colored tunics used prior. The British and then American armies started wearing it as standard during the latter half of the 1800s.

The pure-cotton fabric is widely used for trousers, referred to as chinos. The original khaki (light brown) is the traditional and most popular color, but chinos are made in many shades.

When it comes to Helly Hansen, you are guaranteed a quality product. Perhaps not the cheapest of brands, Helly Hansen pride themselves on manufacturing strong and finely tailored textiles and garments. The classic cut chinos are no exception.

Helly Hansen offer free delivery on items when you spend more than £50. So you could also take a look at some of the light weight shirts which are on offer and which would be suitable for the summer months.

Or perhaps a pair of smart shoes or trainers to accompany the style of the chino. This is the beauty of wearing chinos, they really do seem to fit with all styles of footwear and shirts/t-shirts. If you are not wanting to carry vast amounts of luggage on holiday then the chino is ideal here too, lightweight and easy to clean, you can make it your main item of evening wear when holidaying. Jeans can be heavy and also quite sticky in high temperatures, and there really is no comparison to the chino when you want to stay cool and look cool too.

Article by Simon Lucas.

Ladies: What to wear on hot summer nights

Lee Cooper HoodyIt’s summer. It’s the weekend. You’ve been invited to a friends for a last minute BBQ or rendezvous, and because you spent so long sitting in the garden soaking up the sun (with plenty of sun cream on we hope!) you are in a rush to get ready. Not only do you have to go to the shop to buy some food to take (lets face it, even when someone says “don’t bring anything”, you know you can’t turn up empty handed), but you also need to get showered and get yourself ready…

When you have finally managed to tear yourself away from the paddling pool or sun lounger, you are so busy getting everything organised that you leave for your friends in a hurry. This is why when you get there and the evening starts to draw in, you realise you haven’t taken a coat and can start to feel a little chilly! You want to stay and socialise but all you can think about is the fact that you have goosebumps. It isn’t deemed acceptable to ask to sit inside because its summer, and its not cold enough to wear your winter coat. Our solution to this is to invest in a Lightweight Ladies Hoody.

Currently in trend are a selection of Lee Cooper Lightweight Ladies Hoodies which are perfect for when you don’t want something too heavy but are starting to cool down after a day in the sun. As they are a polyester and viscose mix they are incredibly soft to touch and weigh very little, great for throwing in your bag without taking up too much space!  Also, it can be left in your bag so that when you are rushing out in an emergency, you have a nice surprise waiting for you when you remember it is in there.

Also, as some lightweight hoodies have zips, whatever you are wearing underneath doesn’t have to be hidden away. Another bonus is that you can have them unzipped when you may have eaten too much food and want a bit of freedom around the mid-section (AKA sporting a food baby).

Make sure you aren’t left out in the cold this summer and purchase a bargain hoody to keep the chills at bay achat cialis paris.
Do you have any examples of summer nights or events that you went to when you wish you had taken a hoody with you? Share them with us, we’d love to hear from you!

Wedding Dress Trends Through the Ages

<img class="alignright wp-image-102" src="http://web.archive generique du cialis.org/web/20150217011020im_/http://www.blogaboutukfashion.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/1920s-Wedding-Dress-225×300.jpg” alt=”1920s Wedding Dress” width=”203″ height=”270″ />From Audrey Hepburn’s wedding to Mel Ferrier in 1954 dressed in a demure below the knee dress to Jessica Biel’s pink wedding gown in 2012, wedding dress designs, like any other area of fashion are forever changing and setting trends through the decades.

If you planning your forthcoming nuptials this year take a look at these styles which have influenced bridal looks through the ages for design inspiration.


The 1920’s were an exciting time for women’s lib. Whilst the men were fighting on the battlefield, upper class women in particular were experimenting with shorter hemlines and plunging necklines.

When it came to bridal looks, art deco decadence and geometric shapes influenced many gowns which were long, with low v-necks to elongate the neck and to add a provocative edge.

1940s Wedding DressNo look was complete without a diamond encrusted silver headpiece, jewellery and lavish beading on the dress itself.

Head to www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk to look for cheap wedding insurance which will cover the costs of an expensive dress and other wedding attire.


Moving into the 1940’s, dresses were still long and elegant but lavish beading was replaced with delicate all-over lace detailing and higher v-neck lines.

Rather than head to toe jewellery and geometric shapes, brides walked down the aisle with flower head pieces and pretty bouquets.

The line of the dress was still kept sleek with a chic little silk band around the waist.


1950s Wedding DressBy the 1950’s many women were opting for more casual, below the knee dresses which provided more movement with a fun and flirty look.

Assortments of necklines were on show from v-neck and strapless dresses to high rounded necklines and off the shoulder cuts.

An hourglass shape was created by layers of underskirt to add volume, teamed with a thick band around the waist.

Dresses were almost always a bright ivory white so many brides jazzed up the look with a bright flower head piece or patent shoes.

1980s Wedding Dress1980’s

In the 1980’s, many women opted for the full volume, Disney princess look with puffed up sleeves and layers upon layers of lace and satin material.

Veils and trains were long and the lower half was large and billowing with mountains of ruffle and underskirts.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress to Prince Charles optimised the bridal style of that era.


If we fast forward to today, it seems that bridal looks have become a mish-mash of styles from past eras. Many brides now look to celebrities for inspiration as fashion moves at an ever increasing pace.

2013 Wedding DressKate Middleton’s bridal look was very influential to brides to be around the world. Her long, lace sleeves with a fitted top half, down to a long flowing train has now been copied by millions.

In 2012, Jessica Biel wed Justin Timberlake in a pastel pink gown with a long tutu skirt and a strapless top.

Since then, many pastel coloured wedding gowns have been showcased in pinks, yellows and mauves, perhaps marking the next new trend in wedding dress history.

Wool Felt for Fashion

wool felt squaresWool felt is a great option when it comes to fashion fabrics.

Many people are now turning to traditional wool felt for winter fashions due to the warm and tacticle feel to the material. It’s natural and often ethically made which many fashion designers find attractive.

The fabrics are pleasant to work with and lend themselves well to modern style and design, from dresses to shirts and even trousers and skirts such is the versatility of wool felt.

When looking for a good quality wool felt supplier one should ensure that the felt is 100% pure wool.

Pure wool is often manufactured in Germany and Italy to a very high standard and can be supplied in many different thicknesses and over 85 different colours, ranging from 1mm, 2mm, 3mm to 5mm thick.
What is Wool Felt?

Wool Felt SlippersFelt is a non woven cloth material which is made by matting, condensing and pressing wool fibres into sheets for a variety of uses including fashion. Some wool felts can be strong enough to be used in the construction industry.

Wool felt is an ancient material and one which is very natural from the dyeing process to the fabric itself.

Traditional feltmaking methods are still practised today by nomads across Central Asia and northern parts of East Asia. Here they make rugs, clothing and tents from the material. The wool felt materials can be made into traditional items, such as the classic yurt, while others are designed for the tourist market, such as decorated slippers and hats.

In the Western world, wool felt is often utilised as a medium for expression in textile art as well as fashion and design, where it is popular as an ecological textile.

In general wool felt is highly versatile and it is a most natural and organic medium for craft and fashion designers, this age old fabric continues to provide designers with a great source to express their stylish and innovative designs cialis en andorre.

Article by Simon Lucas

Winter Wedding Essentials

Wedding FashionYou can plan everything down to the finest detail, but there’s always one factor that will be hit and miss: the weather. The forecast can predict it, but what actually happens on your big day is a mystery until you actually get there. If you’re having a wedding in winter, when the weather is likely to be less than clement, take a look at these few tips to keep you prepared, rain, snow or shine.


Here in Britain, it’s not uncommon for rain to appear out of nowhere. With most wedding photographs preferably taken outside, you should take the appropriate precautions when dealing with the elements. Investing in some white umbrellas, as well as asking your wedding guests to bring along theirs, will make a great addition to the wedding photos if it’s raining or snowing and won’t look out of place.

High heels can also be an issue when the ground becomes wet. Some photographers keep a few pairs of decorative wellingtons with them for such occasions, and make for some funny photos. Make a request for this with the main wedding party to have a memorable and unique photo, as well as keeping your shoes clean and feet dry.

Bride HairstyleHairstyle

Deciding on your hairstyle for your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions. You need something that will stay up, match your dress, as well as work with your face shape. Keep a few ideas in mind and decide in the morning, (being aware of the time!) to make sure that what you have will survive the day. Take a handbag sized bottle of hairspray with you, for touching up the wispy parts of your bridal hairstyle that may come loose on a blustery day.

Wedding Breakfast

If you have a feeling that it’s going to be cold on your wedding day, having a meal that warms you through will be essential. No one wants to be eating salad for starters if it’s snowing. Seasonal soup, filling roast dinners, hot chocolate pudding or apple pie are some of the staples of a wedding breakfast in the winter.


Organise your wedding so your guests will find it easy to find appropriate transport. If you have the ceremony and reception in the same place, your guests won’t have to go outside much. Moving to different locations can sometime be difficult, but one suggestion is coach hire. It can take guests from one venue to another to save on petrol, confusion, and waiting around in the cold for a lift.

Your own transport is just as important. Convertibles and horse drawn carriages are some of the more romantic and preferred transport options, but make sure that there is the option of being covered. No one wants to arrive at the venue with their wedding hair, make-up and dress soaked through!

Don’t stress about the weather – it can be predicted and updates are made hourly. Your wedding will be the happiest day of your life, so a little rain won’t ruin it. Try to make the most of the bad weather. Spontaneous bad weather can make your wedding memorable to both your family and guests, and most importantly, you.

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